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Press Kit Contents:

  1. Love Curated
  2. One Page Love
  3. Email Love
  4. UX Love
  5. Yo! Podcast

Love Curated (parent company)


Love Curated acts as the registered parent company for a network of inspiration websites.

Since 2008, Love Curated founder Rob Hope, has been curating top inspiration, references & resources to help designers, developers & makers do their best work.

There are currently 3 inspiration websites in the network.

Love Curated Network:

2008 One Page Love Curated resource for One Page website inspiration, templates and resources.
2018 Yo! Podcast The Yo! Podcast spotlights incredible designers, developers, makers and entrepreneurs building their own future.
2019 Email Love Curated resource for Email design inspiration and resources.
2022 Love Curated The parent company housing all the love brands and products.
2022 UX Love Curated resource of thoughtful, clever and fun design details. Launching Q4 2022.